The Bathing Room

There are specific rooms in which you can fully embody the experience of tea ceremonyes, and this idea is reflected in Yudo. The world beyond that one door. That is a special space that belongs to Yudo only.

  • Space Design

    Hiromi Makita(Small Lighats)

    Born in 1983, from Kanagawa Prefecture. Started his illustration activities back in his student years, which, over the years, led to his career as a freelance interior designer. He joined Wonderwall Co. Ltd., working with Masamichi Katayama as his teacher. In Japan, Makita worked mainly with commercial projects as a designer. In 2015, started up his own design company Small Lights. By showing traditional details in a modern manner, he aims to create a space that is ‘timeless’.

  • Facility Construction

    Kagashiro Buidlings(Miyazaki-shi, Miyazaki Prefecture)

    Worked in Miyazaki for over 65 years. A true specialist with a full understanding of construction in the Miyazaki area.

  • The Ceiling Painting

    Shuhei Tateyama(Higashimorokata district, Miyazaki)

    An artist born and raised in Miyazaki Prefecture. While educated in traditional Japanese paintings inn Kyoto, he works with urban design in the forms of monuments and artistic objects. His projects and artworks have gained recognition in different countries, including the United States. In Japan he has also worked with luxury facilities such as the Royal Park Hotel.

  • Painted Scroll

    Bau Yamada

    Born in 1954 in Fukui prefecture. When he was 13 years old, he achieved the status as the 26th chief priest at Kyoto Daitokuji Boutou Shinjuan, and was ordained as a male abbot carrying the name Sobin Yamada.
    He spent most of life as a monk at Shinjuan. From 1977, he started his training at Daitokuji, and in 1986, returned to Shinjuan. In 1998, he became the 27th abbot of Shinjuan
    From 2005, he collaborated with musician Tom Yamashita, and has created a type of Buddhist memorial service in the form of music called “Onzen Hoyou”. His activities are not limited only to Daitokuji, but also been in other countries such as Paris and Province. Around this time, he started to teach Zazen internationally. He is not only a male abbot, but also works as a professional gardenr.

  • The Bathtub

    Shuhei Hasado

    An architect and an artist working with the aim of creating walls with one element: soil. Usually he paints walls in modern buildings, houses, traditional warehouses and tea ceremony venues. The walls he have worked with show a hint of modernity in the shadow of tradition. He creates his own world by using organic soil and materials. His activities are not only limited in Japan and has gained recognition in other countries. He has also presented new space design ideas and worked in various art projects, which are displayed in his personal exhibitions. His most recognized projects are:
    “The Gold Warehouse in Kanazawa”
    “The Peninsula Tokyo”
    “Hokkaido Toyako Summit”
    “The Iced Wall”
    “WAKO Ginza Window display”
    “The Black Room”
    “Aman Tokyo”
    “The Western Mansion”
    “Sanadamaru Taiga Drama”